Ethereum Currency

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014 by a Swiss Non Profit organisation comprising of the brightest and the most intelligent minds in the field. Although Bitcoin is currently the best-known crypto or digital currency, other similar currencies are gaining interest. The currency is known as The Ether. It is very quickly becoming the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, and it may overtake Bitcoin to become the most popular cryptocurrency. Accepting The Ether as a currency for online casinos is a natural progression, an innovative and secure method to deposit and withdraw cash. Ethereum relies on its version of a Blockchain it functions differently than Bitcoin. It is even possible to host Crowdfunding Campaigns or Smart Contracts. The flexibility Ethereum provides is genuinely revolutionary. Ethereum has a market capitalisation of $17 billion, compared to Bitcoin's $34 billion, and this places Ethereum and the cryptocurrency The Ether firmly in second place and catching up fast. Without a doubt, Ethereum is the most trending cryptocurrency in the world at the moment.

How can one get hold of The Ether? CoinBase is one of the places where it can be purchased and then transferred to an eWallet. There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges including; Kraken, Poloniex, Gemini and others that it is not hard to get hold of Ethereum. CoinBase has a secure multi-signature vault at present. For the online casinos that accept the Ether, one needs to go to the virtual cashier for simple instructions on how to use The Ether. Once registered with the Casino and directions to use The Ether are followed, users can start wagering with the Ether cryptocurrency right away. Ethereum is the future of money. iGaming is an industry that is at the forefront of technological and innovative progress and solutions. The Ether has a really bright future, and it can advance hand in hand with mainstream methods of payment while offering increased flexibility and enhanced security. Silicon Valley has already brought Ethereum into the mainstream boding well for the cryptocurrency. One can't afford to exclude Ethereum or The Ether, which is also known as ETH on trading markets. With Ethereum gaining in popularity day the day, it would be rather unwise not to sit up and take notice of it, especially since it has a direct bearing upon iGaming and the related deposit/withdrawal methods. The security, privacy and complete freedom make Ethereum is a desirable prospect with high potential for the future.

Up to this point in time, Bitcoin has been the best known of these new cryptocurrencies; nevertheless, it does have its limitations. New players are coming into the market regularly. Some fall by the wayside, others attract a niche following, but very few stick it out for the first few years as Ethereum has done since its launch in 2014. So what is so different about Ethereum? What is all the fuss for? It is a Swiss non-profit organisation that designed this flexible framework for users while still being based on a similar blockchain platform such as Bitcoin. The primary currency is called Ether. While other crypto-products can be created on this flexible and user-friendly platform/framework, it offers an infinite number of payment options, while staying secure and private. More online casinos are accepting the Ether now, as a payment or a withdrawal method, and it is most definitely growing in popularity due to its positive growth since its inception.

To start using this new cryptocurrency, the first thing that needs to be done is to download a wallet program, and they are freely and widely available. These wallets are gateways to a decentralised blockchain. Once that is done, players gain access to the different products traded over the blockchain, and that includes the Ethel. Another huge benefit of using Ethereum is that a person may write and deploy one's currency products in several different formats along with processing transactions contracts and verification systems. Keeping things simple, let's stick to the Ethel money currency since that is that is what we are concerned about. The Ethel is known as the ETH on the trading markets. It is a virtual wallet, and it is increasingly becoming more accepted as a viable payment option, and this is a testament to its safety, security and convenient features. The Ethel has burst into the market and is now being accepted along with other established methods. The cashier will guide players through the whole process of using it; however it is extremely fast, and players will have their money in their virtual wallet. So why exactly does the Ethel stand out from the crowd? For a start, the ETH trades at about 1% of the price of Bitcoin. It is also much easier to get started with the coins due to their smaller denominations, and they hold their value nevertheless. The flexibility is unparalleled and very, very convenient.

The Ethereum Currency

If you’re new to the crypto currency scene, you might get the impression that Bitcoin is the end all and be all when it comes to crypto currency. But that is certainly not the case, for Ethereum continues to make headlines and head waves both in the online casino scene and outside of it.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is similar in Bitcoin in many ways. For starters, Ethreum, like Bitcoin is a purely digital currency that also relies on the block chain technology. The block chain technology adds extra nodes of security to the transactions involved with the Ethereum currency. One of the differences between the two blockchain technologies is that the Ethereum is decentralized, meaning that is more malleable and programmable for other purposes. You can earn Ethereum by virtually mining for it.

The Origins Of Ethereum

The Ethereum currency, better known as Ethr, is the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin. The idea was taken further and developed by a Swiss non profit organization in 2014 and was later released. As Ethereum became more and more prevalent, it got broken up into two different block chains. As a result of that, the new Ethereum became known as ETH, while the original chain has come to be known as Ethereum Classic, or ETC.

Trading Ethereum

And just like Bitcoin, you will be able to trade Ethereum on the stock market or other crypto exchanges, and yes you can buy sell or trade Ethereum among its network.

Ethereum Wallets

To handle your transactions with Ethereum, you will need to use a crypto wallet that supports Ethereum. Some of the best Ethereum wallets entails the Ledger Nano S. Very affordable, the Ledger Nano S uses private signatures on the device for your privacy and security. There is also the Trezor wallet which is a hardware wallet. It stores Ether offline in a secure chip. You will have to login and submit your password to activate it, which offers even more security.

Another highly popular Ethereum wallet is the Atomic Wallet where you can store, exchange and sell your Ethereum tokens and coins. Even better, you can install the Atomic Wallet on your personal computer or the mobile device of your choice. It also uses private keys to encrypt your transactions. Other notable wallets for Ethereum are Exodus, Jaxx, and Mist.

Ethereum Casinos

Bitcoin spearheaded the crypto currency brand of online casinos. More and more of those casinos have come to support Ethereum. In fact there is even a pure Ethereum Casino which further highlights the power of the Ethereum currency.

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